Monday, 21 June, 2021

Tactical Error of Tigrigna’s Music Industry


 It is allegedly told that a society is defined by the institution, sociologically known as ‘social institutions’ that revolves within the society. Among the important institution, the entertainment industry is the most powerful one. It is through, art and literary works that one society is shaped. It is through those things where the philosophy of one society is discovered. It is in fact through those literary works where happiness can be twisted; internal feeling can be fashioned and after all the relationship between art and the people can be maintained. But it is only where the art industry is tactically correct with the expected roles of it.

In the music industry of Tigrigna the central point of the problem I think is of tactical. There are how-to-do tactics in every field of study including in sciences’ that needs applied approach like music. Hence, the principal tactic in producing music shall be exploring the imperative culture, myth, dignity etc of the people. Having this perspective the result of a sharp look at the modern music of Tigrigna would give one fact. That’s the hindering factor for those Clichy music videos is of tactical.

This tactic based quandary of many of the contemporary music can be seen from different points of view. We can take the language most of them are using. Many scholars of the field told that the main problem of Tigrigna’s music goes to the language usage. It would have been easy to correct, if this problem would be because of lack of knowledge. Rather it is due to the wrong sentimental dimension at mind, which believes using that language in whatever verse is a quality. This can let anyone to conclude that the problem is tactical.

As far as music of Tigrigna concerned, some other also raised the issue of video clip production. If one singer produced a cultural video clip many other are surly to run with the same way. Let alone copying a directing style and setting even once  accepted gesture of any other singer is also copied by the new comer. And I don’t think this is due to the lack of information and knowledge; it rather is considering this copy and paste mechanism as a tactic for a foolish acceptance.

Let me add one more point and recap. Tigrigna music by its very nature needs to be bolded with dance. The dance has its own art also. The presentation and performance of dance of Tigrigna by itself is half quality of one music video. The legend Tigrigna singers of Tigrai like Doctor Kiros Alemayehu and Tegadalay Eyasu Berhe are well known not only by the philosophies of their lyrics, melodic vocals they have had and other qualities; but also most importantly by the dance they supported to. Nowadays it is very difficult to get a singer who dances as what Kiros and Eyasu did. And again, the same with the aforementioned argument, this is neither due to lack information nor knowledge many of Tigrigna singers are busy of pretending dancing Tigrigna by reconsidering other rhythms of the west. It is a tricked belief of believing as if all from the west is good.  

Hence the hindering factor of the music industry of Tigrigna seems like considering the external things as determinant factors of the quality of the literary works.

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